Website design

for d'Overbroeck's College Oxford

This project involved...

  • Web programming in XHTML, CSS and PHP
  • Copywriting from scratch and to spec
  • Video interviews – shooting, conducting and editing
  • Original photography
  • Conception of site style and structure
  • Coding of over 400 pages

d'Overbroeck's College is a top UK independent school based in Oxford.

Designing a school website is a difficult task. Such a site has a multitude of different audience groups: current and prospective students from the UK and abroad, their parents, the school's staff, government inspectors... A successful school website should offer information relevant to each of these groups.

The d'Overbroeck's College website, post-redesign, consists of around 400 pages. The school consists of three major sections, so the website is similarly divided.

Throughout, our goal has been to make it easy for visitors immediately to find the information relevant to their needs. We spent time planning navigation and page structure very carefully in order to ensure that first-time visitors would be directed to introductory pages, whilst repeat visitors could rapidly jump to more 'detailed' pages. Primarily, this goal is accomplished via dual-purpose homepages for each section of the website, like the example below for Leckford Place, the junior section of the College:

Here you can see that the upper half of the page serves an introductory purpose, briefly setting out the key features of the school and inviting first-time visitors to explore further – either by watching a video about teaching or visiting suggested pages.

The lower half of the page, meanwhile, allows the seasoned visitor to skip to exactly the content she requires, organised under logical headings.

Since the redesign of the d'Overbroeck's College website, visitor numbers have almost doubled. As a result of ongoing search engine optimisation, it is also ranking highly in a number of highly relevant Google searches.

Visit the d'Overbroeck's College website